Whistleblower scheme

Bentax's whistleblower scheme can be used by employees as well as partners, suppliers, and customers.

For our employees, the whistleblower scheme serves as a supplement to internal dialogue and transparency. It is primarily intended for situations of such serious nature, that they cannot be addressed openly, due to a desire for complete anonymity.

Our employees are encouraged to discuss any concerns with their immediate supervisor, the supervisor's supervisor, or the HR department.

Matters concerning their own employment conditions, work environment, salary, or dissatisfaction with management decisions should, as a general rule, be addressed through the management system.

You can use the whistleblower scheme for the following

The whistleblower scheme is intended for reporting:

  • Criminal activities, such as the misuse of financial resources, fraud (e.g. accounting manipulation, embezzlement, or providing false information), theft or serious breaches of confidentiality agreements.

  • Serious violations of legal provisions, internal regulations, and control procedures, as well as non-compliance with legal obligations.

  • Bribery or corruption.

  • Actions committed by the management and/or the board that cannot be reported through local channels.

  • Violations of competition laws (e.g., price fixing, exchange of price-sensitive information, secret agreements with competitors).

  • Serious threats to the environment, health, and safety.

  • Activities that otherwise constitute serious inappropriate behavior under the law, treaties, or agreements (e.g., bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, child labor, human rights violations).

Who should you contact?

It is important that reporting can be done safely and anonymously.

To ensure complete anonymous handling of inquiries, Bentax's whistleblower scheme is managed by external former attorney Erik Møller.

All reports to Erik Møller, whether through email or personal contact, will be kept confidential and anonymous unless you give consent for otherwise. You have the option to decide how anonymous you want to be.

If you wish to make a report, you can contact Erik Møller at:

Phone: +45 23 44 69 64 Email:

For increased security, this e-mail address is end-to-end encrypted. This means that your email is encrypted before it is sent to the server, ensuring that only you and the recipient can decrypt it.

All communication to the reporter from Erik Møller will occur through the same channel that the reporter has used. The reporter should not use a company email but instead use a personal email or set up an encrypted email.

Upon receiving a report, the reporter will receive an acknowledgment of receipt within 7 days. Afterward, Erik Møller will investigate the reporter's association with Bentax and assess whether the report falls within the Bentax Whistleblower scheme. Erik Møller will appoint a primary contact at Bentax to handle and process the report. The processing should be completed within 3 months, after which the reporter will receive a response from Erik Møller.

The reporter has the right to access the information that Erik Møller has about them. Data related to a report will be deleted no later than 60 days after the reporter has received a response.